• Overeating during the holidays

    Overeating during the holidays

    Overeating during the holidays is a problem for us all. Especially for those who are obsessed with power to weight ratio and are preparing for the next racing season. We are not specialists in nutrition. That`s why we ask for some suggestions from our beloved nutritionist Alise Kindzule.

    There is a holiday season that connects each of us with joy, miracles, reflections, love, makes us stop for a moment. However, when planning a holiday evening, it is often eating that is the main holiday event, as it is one of the greatest pleasures that are psychologically associated with beautiful memories. There are families who are already starting a meal with indigestion, which of course is not right. However, thinking about setting the table and creating the surrounding atmosphere, can significantly reduce the amount of food eaten, making this holiday especially warm and pleasant.

    Recommendations to decrease overeating during the holidays:

    Think about the visual design and cleanliness of the home. The table should be beautiful, festive, with fine decorations and accessories. It turns out that people will eat a lot more if the interior is cluttered, heavy, messy. The more we have thought about creating a mood – candles, Christmas decor, quiet, slow, Christmas-appropriate music, visual design, the more guests will be motivated to follow the etiquette, good manners and enjoy, rather than eat sparingly.

    Don`t consume alcohol at the beginning of a meal, but in the middle or at the end of a meal. It is recommended to drink wine from long, narrow glasses. It helps to drink less than from round glasses.

    Stress. It’s no secret that we try to eat down stress. It has come since childhood, when grandmother was in a hurry to comfort us, offering candy or some other treat.

    Snack an hour before a meal. It can be a banana, wholemeal cookie, a slice of bread, or a milkshake. Never come to a meal with an empty stomach.

    A typical mistake is not to eat breakfast and lunch. It is wiser to eat a proper meal than snacking and then overeat in the evening.

    On a festive evening, a person can eat 5,000, 6,000 and more calories, which is more than three times the daily dose in just one meal. When you arrive at the table, choose 3 quality and unusual dishes that you crave, no more. In the evening, add 2 to 3 more foods, but – after 2 to 3 hours.

    Also, take care of activities for guests. Every 2 hours, guests have to get up and play a game. This will distract you from eating, unite and help you avoid digestive problems.

    Replace traditional diameter plates with smaller ones. The colour of the plate is also important. The plates should be in colours that contrast sharply with the colour of the food. It is especially good to choose blue plates that soothe, help to enjoy the food, release and reduce the urge to overeat. This will help to decrease overeating during the holidays.

    Serve the food in small dishes and bowls. Food reserves on the table encourage eating. Carefully consider the number of products to prepare. It is not necessary to prepare leftovers for several days.

    For the serving use smaller spoons. Do not use clamps, it will impose too much.

    Instead of salt, use various spices (pepper, garlic, basil, parsley, cloves, ginger, curcumin, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, etc.). They activate metabolism. 

    Provide a healthy and tasty snack plate to serve – small pieces of cheese and lean meat, dried fruits, nuts.

    Cut sweets and pastries into small pieces. 20% of all calories are ingested with sweets.

    Before the holidays – go to bed. Fatigue and reduced sleep contribute to uncontrolled eating on the holiday evening.

    Overeating is often associated with an internal emotional emptiness that we intensively try to fill with products (relationship, self-esteem problems). Unfortunately, we do not get satisfaction and continue to eat, even more so.

    Drink a glass of warm tea from time to time. Add ginger, honey and lemon, cinnamon. Enjoy a hot winter drink. Often we think it is appetite but actually, it is thirst.

    Cultivate self-confidence. In preparation for the holiday, introduce evenings dedicated to you, not forgetting about the Christmas gift for yourself. If you feel bad, you will eat more.

    Don’t spend your holidays in front of a TV, computer or fridge. Plan an activity with your family. Go for a walk, hike. There are so many opportunities to do so.

    After the holiday – eat as much as you want, but in a lighter mode. Focus on fluids, fruits, vegetables, sour-milk products. Drink ginger, caraway, cumin, mint teas. That will help the digestive tract to function properly again.

    Remember that we will always eat more at the holidays. Do not blame yourself, do not feel bad, do not follow the publications of social networks on healthy lifestyles in the post-holiday days, if it makes you feel guilty. Go enjoy nature, relax, be on the move and enjoy life.

    Overeating during the holidays is kind of inevitable. Use Alise tips and tricks to eat less and be back on the bike in your best form as soon as possible!