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Enjoy the freedom of choice with our shipping options! 

Regular shipping

Opt for our free regular shipping, perfect for those without urgency.
Delivery may take up to 4 weeks based on location. Tracking isn’t available.

Want your items sooner?

Select our express shipping, delivering in approximately 5 working days (location dependent). For orders over 150 euros, express shipping is free, ensuring your items arrive swiftly.


Shop worry-free with our hassle-free returns policy!

You have a generous 14-day window to return items that are unused, damaged, or unwashed. Enjoy free returns, and once processed, receive a voucher for your next purchase. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Warranty & complaints

Defects happen. We won’t lie. About 1% of our made kits may have defects. If you see that some sewing isn’t as it should be, maybe the zipper is not working properly or feel that somethings wrong, let us know! It’s important to us that you have everything as it should be.

If warranty case happened in the first two years, send us an email to, by adding description and images of an issue.


Normally pad works for about 200 hours in the saddle. The more you wash it, the more you ride in bad weather, the heavier you are, it can wear out faster. If the pad is worn out, it’s not a warranty case. If it comes loose because some stitching wears out, it is a warranty case.


There is no limit for zipper opening times. It should last as long as the jersey, jacket or anything that has it, lasts. If no – it’s a warranty case.


Stitching should last as long as fabric lasts. There are some tricky places like a pad, inseam, and sometimes pockets. If the inseam or pad stitching wears out, check if they are not damaged by the saddle. Especially if the wear is only in one place.


The fabric should not tear up without any reason.

Crash replacement

Crashes happen. Some are very unlucky, but some always manage to stay upright or crash very softly. And, like the buttered toast phenomenon, it’s a big chance to crash while wearing a new kit. As we know how terrible is to trash your new kit, we do have a crash replacement offer. 

If your kit is damaged in the first year of purchase time, send us an email to with pictures and we will give you a 50% discount of the regular price for the new kit in the same colour, model and size.

Stay upright! Stay safe!

Have a question?

Feel free to contact us regarding any questions about the shipping, returns, warranty or crash replacement.