• How To Choose Bib Shorts

    How To Choose Bib Shorts

    How to choose bib shorts. It`s an important question for anyone whos into cycling. If you are new to cycling, you are probably looking at other cyclists wondering why they are wearing those skin-tight lycra shorts. We all have been there! Even our founder Kārlis way before an idea for our own cycling apparel was born, went for a cycling trip in football shorts for 1200km. The trip was across part of Europe. 

    No underwear?

    Now it sounds crazy. Those strange looking lycra shorts are made to increase comfort. They need to follow the body lines to reduce chafing and discomfort. Look for flat and soft seams. And never wear underwear under cycling shorts. Keep in mind – NEVER.

    Pay attention to pads

    For extra comfort, cycling shorts have special padding called chamois. They come in different shapes and thicknesses, with perforations, production techniques and fabrics. We suggest you look for things like – men or women, – soft fabric, – perforation for better moisture management, – padding density, – elasticity.

    Men and women pads are different in shape, as we have some genetic differences. The soft fabric will feel much better as it always will be in direct contact with your skin (as we don`t wear underwear). Perforated padding will provide better moisture management and breathe much better. You can find gel pads in the market but we don’t suggest them, especially if you ride in hot weather for long hours or you have very sensitive skin. UPDATED – we recommend our gravel bib shorts with gel pad, because we have tested them in the harshest conditions and we know that the pad is still very breathable.

    Only a few manufacturers provide information about pad density. Look for a pad with a very soft outer layer. This reticulated foam offers unique moisture management increasing breathability and improved softness feeling on the surface. The lower layer should be dense. We use pads with 100+ Kg/m3 density foam. The exclusive use of high-quality foams is essential to provide the rider with the most dynamic response, comfortable support for many hours, elasticity, breathability and durability, all in once. Don`t forget that you will make a bigger pressure on the pad while riding as you can press the chamois by hand.

    If you are more interested in pads, check out our partner YBC (YOUR BODY CONTOUR) website – http://ybc.greenlime.it/

    Bibs or no bibs?

    In the market, you can find shorts with or without bibs. Shorts without bibs can be great for leisure riding but won’t be good for longer or more aggressive rides. Look for a wide and soft lower silicon band. The wider it will be, the more comfort it will give and will stop your shorts from sliding upwards.


    Nowadays you can find cycling shorts for every type of riding or every weather condition. Looks for peeling resistant lycra. They will last much longer than cheap bike shorts. We use three kinds of lycra. Evo Race shorts come with recycled peeling resistant lycra without mind-blowing features. Evo Shield shorts come with ceramic coated lycra. It helps to reduce skin abrasion in case of a crash. Also, it looks cool like a bee cell pattern.

    Evo Aero shorts are perfect for hotter weather. They are very thin and have a golf ball pattern that helps to reduce air resistance.

    Pay attention to design

    When you are looking at the design, look for sublimated not heat pressed designs. Sublimation will last forever, heat pressed elements will come off by time and look terrible. Wash your kit with liquid detergents, never use softener. Don’t use a dryer if you can. Good cycling shorts should last for at least 300 riding hours. 

    More info

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    Keep on riding!