• How to become a 4CYCLISTS Ambassador

    How to become a 4CYCLISTS Ambassador

    As a 4CYCLISTS Ambassador, you will be representing the 4CYCLISTS brand on your platforms.

    What you get

    You will be given a 15% (storewide) DISCOUNT code. This code is for you to share with all your friends and followers. The personalized code is what you will promote on your Instagram, Strava, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok or other media.

    On top of the 15% personalized code, you will also receive at least a 50% DISCOUNT code so you can choose your first products and make the initial order. The amount of discount will be decided by us after we will review your application.


    We encourage high-quality pictures in eye-catching & bright environments, crisp close-ups of our products. If you provide us with great photos & content, it usually results in a featured post & story on our Instagram.

    4CYCLISTS Ambassador application form

    To become a 4CYCLISTS Ambassador, please fill the application form:


    After your application, we will contact you about the next steps within 5 working days.

    Looking forward to working with you!