• Guide For Cyclists – How To Wash and Care Your Cycling Kit

    Guide For Cyclists – How To Wash and Care Your Cycling Kit

    There is no big difference if it`s a cycling kit, running gear, hiking apparel or other technical clothing. All of them can be expensive and very delicate. You should take a few extra precautions while washing your kit. We made some guidelines to improve the longevity of your cycling clothes. So we hope this article will give you advise on how to wash and care your cycling kit.

    Wash them after each use

    Sounds strange, right? But yes, don`t wear the same bib shorts again without washing. You`ll risk getting some infections. If you wash them correctly, they will last longer than if you don’t wash them.

    Washing best practices

    Sure, it would be great if your cycling kit could be washed by hands, but if you’re like us and prefer to use the washing machine, use these tips to keep don`t do harm to your expensive cycling clothes:

    • If your cycling clothing is very muddy or sandy, rinse all the dirt off before putting the cycling apparel in the washing machine.
    • Never wash your cycling apparel together with something that has Velcro. It will destroy anything. Also your wallet. 
    • Zip up zippers. Some zippers are almost as bad as Velcros. 
    • Wash your cycling gear separately from other clothing. Use a liquid detergent, avoid any washing powders and fabric softeners.
    • For membrane fabrics use special detergent.
    • Choose the delicate cycle on the washing machine and never wash in more than 40° C (100° F).
    • Use the extra rinse cycle, if available, to help remove any soap residue that can clog the fibres of your technical clothing.
    • If you have a lingerie bag, use it!

    Air dry

    While you can put cycling clothes in the dryer, the direct heat can affect the technical fabrics and your chamois. Some of the air dryers have smart functions for delicate technical fabrics but keep in mind that no one can guarantee that it won’t damage your cycling apparel. Instead, it’s better to hang dry your clothing on a laundry rack outdoors. To get chamois dry faster, turn bib shorts inside out.

    Things to keep in mind:

    1. Wash often
    2. Use liquid detergent
    3. Choose a delicate cycle or wash by hands
    4. Be sure that all zippers are closed and no Velcros can damage the clothing
    5. Dry your cycling kit on a laundry rack
    6. Get back riding!