• Guide For Cyclists – How To Choose The Right Jersey

    Guide For Cyclists – How To Choose The Right Jersey

    How To Choose Right Jersey

    If you are new to cycling, you are probably wearing t-shirts when riding. It is not a simple task to choose the right first jersey, whether it is for a Sunday ride with friends or competition with experienced rivals.  Or, if you are already cycling for some time, you are probably wearing relaxed fit jerseys. There is no right way, the only one path or 4 steps guide to help you, but we can promise one – you will not forget the first time you get into the race-cut jersey. The first feelings are strange, but there are real advantages to the body form copying fit and premium class fabrics.

    Race-cut or race-fit?

    The race-cut or race-fit will make you ride faster simply because you won’t have flapping fabrics that increases drag. Premium class fabrics will dry faster and are much lighter. You should expect a snug fit when choosing a jersey, but it shouldn’t stop you from moving freely while riding. See the fit of Women’s Cycling Jersey Evo Race Echelon Fuchsia? That`s how it should be.

    Jersey fabrics

    There are a lot of different fabrics with different characteristics. We advise you to read the descriptions carefully. Some fabrics are warming, some of them – with a cooling effect. Also, the thing you should look for is drag-reducing fabrics. But what about designs? We believe that this is subjective and worth a whole new topic. Or four topics. 

    If you can save some energy simply because of the chosen kit – why not to do that?

    Ask for more

    Choose wisely and look for the best buy for your money. There are only a few brands that use self-made and patented fabrics, and you won’t hear much about them because they don’t make mass production. If you are not sure about fabrics, production processes, warranties, you always have a right to ask it!

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    Keep on riding!

    Useful information

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