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    Coffee 4Cyclists

    Coffee 4Cyclists are specially made coffee by 4Cyclists crew to please their and our coffee-loving clients taste buds. Therefore, we went to visit our friends at Andrito Coffee roastery. They are true experts without a posh. We tried a lot of different origins, different blends, roasts and tastes. However, to keep things easy, we chose only three – Brazil and Colombian mix for ground coffee, mild Brazil as a coffee for those who don’t like the acidity and very limited Colombian beans from Antioquia region for those, who want something very special. 

    There is a unique and unusual relationship between the worlds of coffee and cycling. And it is one that has grown rapidly in recent years. It all started in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Italian espresso machine manufacturer Fabbrica Apparecchiature Elettromeccaniche e Affini sponsored cycling team including Eddy Merckx.

    Although the relationship between coffee and cycling seemed to really pick up in the latter half of the 20th century. Cafés and espresso bars have historically offered cyclists a place to briefly socialise and relax. They are also a key part of what is referred to as “the coffee ride”.

    It’s difficult to find a specific definition of what the coffee ride is but we all know what that means for us. We love coffee as much as riding our bikes. That’s why we made our coffee. Made by cyclists for cyclists.

    Coffee types for cycling


    A member of team staff who looks after the riders, performing duties such as giving massages, handing up food and water bottles, seeing that riders get to their hotels and so on. Coffee 4Cyclists Soigneur ground coffee name was born by a simple principle. As a loyal soigneur, ground coffee can be your best buddy when you have no time or no chance to use beans. We are sure that this coffee will become your “team member”. It’s sweet and mild with notes of marzipan and walnuts. 


    A racer who sacrifices his own chance of victory to help a teammate win. Tasks of a domestique may include: carrying extra bottles and food for fellow riders, chasing breakaway groups, and even giving their bikes to the designated team leader should he/she have a mechanical problem. Coffee 4Cyclists Domestique name was carefully chosen after long brainstorms. It is very good, very mild and pleasant. It won’t be an overall winner of the le Tour. However, it will be a favourite of many because of the low acidity and full body taste, with notes of nuts, caramel and chocolate.


    French for “escapee,” a cyclist who escapes from the pack. Coffee 4Cyclists Echappee name was easy to choose. Born in Columbian highlands. Young, brave, willing to prove. Moreover, the ability to launch sustained and repeated attacks on ascents of a steep gradient. High power output and great stamina. Hiding true qualities of the escapee. Are we still speaking about coffee or are we back to bike racing? Hard to tell. It`s fresh and sweet with notes of sweet fruits and dark berries. Let’s sip one more espresso and go to conquer new peaks. 

    Check out online shop to choose a 250g or 1000g (1kg) coffee pack for yourself or as a gift for your cyclist friend. And there is no need to race for the cafe. Just kiddin’.

    Keep riding and give us feedback about our new slogan – Race Coffee For Everyday Riding.