• 4Cyclists Aero Socks saves you 3.14 watts

    4Cyclists Aero Socks saves you 3.14 watts

    Buy 4Cyclists Aero Socks and save 3.14 watts.

    Then, buy “put any brand” helmet and save 25w, buy “put again some brand”, “any aero product”, and save 35w. Oh, we forgot the Shiv. Or Venge. Or, again, put any fast bike here.

    And, when you have bought all the aero stuff, you will recognize that you have saved more watts than you ever had.

    Congratulations! You are now AERO AS FUCK.

    The truth

    We don’t know how many watts you’ll save with our aero socks.

    Also, we don’t know how many watts you’ll save with the most aero helmet on the market.

    Why? It’s a very complex thing.

    First, you need to fulfil special tests with all your equipment in your race position, and then you can try to switch some gear and search for the fastest option.

    Unfortunately, there is no standard protocol for gear testing, so all brands (including us) can only speculate and improvise results as we want to. So, following only what the market tells you, you will find that you saved more watts than ever. However, it isn’t as bad as it sounds because it’s simple physics – the less drag you have, the faster you go. Drag can be reduced in more than one way. Right material textures, forms and, most simple – drag areas can reduce drag significantly. And, knowing that, it is guaranteed that you will go faster with all the aero gear.

    The question is – how much faster will you go?

    4Cyclists Aero Socks

    Yes, our socks will make you faster.

    How much faster? Who knows. But they work. Because you can not fool physics. Not without reason, UCI regulates sock length.

    So why do we like our cycling aero socks?

    They look good, look pro, they make you faster (YES), and it’s always nice to play a cycling socks game. Also, aero socks nicely compliment any of our Racing & Training kits.

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